Benefits of PDPA

Why should you use Outsource DPO Service?

Outsourced DPO makes it easier for SMEs to handle data protection functions and supports SMEs in strengthening their data protection capabilities.

Privacy Edge aims to provide SMEs with basic data protection practices to foster consumer trust and confidence in using data to maximise business value.

Benefits of Outsourced DPO

How Privacy Edge makes accomplishing work easy and satisfying

External DPO Adds An Extra Layer Of Support

Privacy Edge provides expert and objective advice to SMEs. This independence may be viewed as an indication of the SME’s level of transparency and accountability to implementing PDPA.

Outsourced DPO Includes A Team Of Experts

Privacy edge includes a team of experts with different specialties; DP management, data breaches & cyber security.

Our services are delivered to multiple clients, allowing us to bring to you good best practices to your compliance team.

Outsourced DPO Provides Continuity

Our services includes both remote & on-site delivery. Remote support ad hoc queries & on-site support for complex activities.

This builds redundancy and business continuity during employees’ absences

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