DPTM Certification

DPTM Certification was launched by IMDA to assist companies in demonstrating ethical and accountable data security policies. Though it is voluntary, the DPTM serves to boost customer’s trust and instill stronger confidence in their business practices to safeguard their data.. It will also enhance and elevate consistency in managing data protection standards.

Through Privacy Edge’s dedicated data protection services and expertise, we have helped companies to attain DPTM Certification and strive to exceed every expectation in delivering value-added and results-oriented solutions.

This service includes setting Data protection policies and processes, digital transformation, training and communicating with employees on PDPA, implementing cyber security solutions and project managing all these elements to meet DPTM requirements.

Our experts will be studying your business needs and align them to DPTM requirements. The whole process will take about 5 to 6 months of work.

So… how does the journey start?

Application of DPTM

  • We kick off the process by having you to submit an online application via IMDA website.
  • Next will be to attach your ACRA business profile along with your declaration submission of eligibility criteria.

Submission Of Application

  • An acknowledgement email will be sent upon application submission.
  • Application fee of $535.00 is required and to be made payable within 7 calendar days to IMDA upon email acknowledgement.

Application Confirmation

  • You will receive IMDA confirmation email on successful application and an e-receipt of the application fee payment.
  • Next, you can commence to fill the Self-Assessment Form from IMDA.

Selection of Assessment Body (AB)

  • You shall appoint an Assessment Body (AB) within 6 months after receiving the Self-Assessment Form. Failing to comply will result in the application being terminated.
  • The last stop in the journey is to submit the completed Self-Assessment form to your appointed AB.

Funding Assistance for Singapore companies

Companies in Singapore can seek to apply for Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) funding to help offset some of the costs for DPTM certification and consulting services. To be eligible for financing support, businesses must meet EDG’s current criteria. All applications will be assessed by Enterprise Singapore (ESG).

To assist businesses and as support measures in this COVID-19 circumstance, the maximum assistance level will be increased from 70% to 80% through March 31, 2022.

To find out on how EDG funding can help you to offset the costs, get in touch with us for further advise.

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