Data Privacy Protection

What is Data Privacy Protection?

Data privacy is a subset of data management that deals with processing personal data in accordance with privacy laws, regulations, and best practices. It usually relate to how sensitive personal data, also known as “personally identifiable information” (PII) and “personal health information,” (PHI) is handled.

As digitization, workforce and 3rd party engagement increases daily, the risk of data leaks and breach occurrence is inevitable. Data privacy need to be regarded very seriously and a top priority for every business.

We empower your DPO with a technology to identify where the PII exposure exist amongst endpoints in the ecosystem. In performing Risk Assessment, we have helped our clients assess the possible cyber risks and deploy Risk Reduction solutions to minimize PII data risk exposure.

Using our expertise in cyber security assessment solution, we hope to minimize or steer our clients away from the risk of data leaks and breach. The consequences of the above mentioned might lead to possible penalties imposed by PDPC, legal action and irreparable brand damage, just to name a few.

How can we help you in minimizing the risk?

Contact our consultant for more information to know how we can help in protecting your data.

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