PDPA Resources

PDPA Resources

It is mandatory for all businesses to identify at least one personnel as a Data Protection Officer (DPO), to ensure that the company complies with Personal Data Personal Act (PDPA). The scope of employment is limited to data protection or to a person in the organization who accepts this position as one of his many obligations.

Organizations must also make at least one DPO’s business contact information available to the general public.

The requirements of PDPA

Step 1

Data Protection Management.

Develop & Implement Data Protection (DP) Policy and processes

Step 2

Data Breach Management.

Develop a compliant handling procedure.
Develop an action plan for data breach.

Step 3


Develop a staff communication plan.
Step 4


Develop a staff training plan
Step 5

Risk Assessment Annual Review

Identify and alert management to any risks that might arise with regards to personal data.

DPO responsibilities @ Workplace

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