DPO as a service

For all intents and purposes, Privacy Edge’s main objective is to equip SMEs with basic data protection measures in order to increase consumer trust and confidence in data usage while further maximizing the company’s value. Our Outsourced DPO has made data protection functions easier for SMEs to handle, in turn strengthening their data protection capabilities.

External DPO provides an extra layer of support and like a security blanket by providing expert and objective advices to SMEs. It serves as a high indicator of the SME’s level of transparency and accountability in implementing PDPA.

In order to meet and fulfill PDPA requirements, the work scope involves expertise in multiple disciplines, understanding of the PDPA, project management and digital transformation abilities. Lastly will be the competence in design learning solutions according to WSQ standards and cyber security solutions to enhance your data protection.

Our teams of experts’ hail from different specialties and are industry certified to provide the best advices for our clients coming from multiple industries. Privacy Edge strives to bring impressionable practices to meet the needs of your compliance team. We strongly advocate business continuity during employees’ absence by providing on-site support and remote services for ad hoc queries, improving effectiveness and efficiency.

Allow us to manage your company’s DPO responsibilities so you can focus on your business’s growth. Our team has all the essential expertise to help you in this journey.

Let us manage your DPO obligation.

What you will receive in Basic

What you will receive in Enterprise

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