The Importance of Protection Obligation

Is the protection of the data the most important obligation?

In an article dated 2nd November by “The Straits Times”, it was reported that of all the breaches till October 2021 more than 67% of the cases are related to a breach in protection obligation. This means companies did not put in place security arrangements to protect data in their possession. This lack of security protection led to unauthorized access to these data where hackers may collect, use and disclose them.

In today’s highly digitalized business environment, many companies collect personal data in order to serve their customers better. This purpose to serve customers better may turn into a problem if the data are not properly protected and secured.

It is therefore important that companies build trust with their customers by ensuring they implement proper data protection strategies.

This may be as simple as building passwords and limiting access to the data. However, as your data size grows due to expansion this may no longer be sufficient and will call for a detailed analysis of the data life cycle so that you can implement the right data protection strategies to secure the data.

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Remember that data can give you the business edge, protect them wisely.

Source: The Straits Times
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